Sun, Come Out


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released April 15, 2017




PARK Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Sun, Come Out
some folks just don't know
the limit of pain they can put in their souls
before it breaks a hole
the flood of your pain has been waiting to know

the rain comes down
the wolves come out
stay above ground and wait
for the sun to come up

sun come out

what if it doesn't get better?
what if it keeps getting worse
til we fall from the ladder,
will nobody catch you?
can nobody catch you?

the rain comes down
the wolves come out
stay above ground and wait
stay above ground
just you wait
that sun is coming out
that sun is coming out

sun come out
Track Name: Holy Saturday
Mary how's your son?
I hear he's bleeding on a cross
I heard he's given up his life
and it's all for a greater cause

you're still crying, you still see him
like a shadow on your eyes
the little boy who never sinned
become the one who has to die

so you're trying to remember
all the things he used to say
how you held them in your heart
remember when he ran away?

He was your son
or so it was believed

Mary how's your son?
I hear they buried him today
I heard a rich man paid it off
on the Preparation Day

"even if I end up dying" [matt. 26:35]
the disciples likewise said
tell me, did you feel it too
when they deserted him and fled

when the fire of the Spirit
met the musty damp of death
here, the Friend of any sinner
given up by righteous men

He was your son
or so it was believed

just before He died
the Judge of all that ever was
looked a thief right in the eye
and forgave him just because

maybe grace came through a woman
just as death came through a man
and the question on the table
since the stopwatch just began

is, while you're busy with the dishes
is He busy with your heart?
is He bringing up the things
you were thinking in the dark

He is Your Son
and you give to who you please
I ask you, God
would you bring Him here to me?
Track Name: Lord of My Heart
You are my vision, and Lord of my heart
nothing else matters, except who You are
You rule my thought, all day and all night
waking or sleeping, You guide with Your light

You are my wisdom, and life giving Word
I’ll always love you, cause you love me, Lord
You are my Father, by Christ I’m Your Son
living inside me, together we’re one.

I don’t need money or anyone’s praise,
You’re what I run for, You stand above days
You and You only take over my heart
King of creation, You are who You are.

King of creation, You wait at life’s end
You stood in the middle to bring life to men
give me Your heart so I never will fall,
hiding in You is the safest of all